So,I guess like me,everyone else woke up to hear about an infectious outbreak,CORONA VIRUS (COVID 19).What beautiful name for a deadly disease!.Such a pity though.
It had started in China and we’ve heard over the news about it but I bet we never thought it would get to where we were.But now, to our outmost dismay,it has reached all parts of the world,claiming thousands of lives.
As a matter of fact,CORONA VIRUS (COVID 19) isn’t the first pandemic the world has recorded.I’ll share with you some of the world’s greatest pandemic:
ANTONINE PLAGUE,this happened in 165AD and claimed over 5 million lives.It swept over Asia,Egypt,Greece and Italy.
Another plague,”PLAGUE OF JUSTINIAN” happened between 541 to 542AD and in just a year,25 million lives were lost.
The Flu Pandemic popularly as SPANISH FLU,occurred between 1918 to 1920,just a century ago.By that time,the world had 1.5 billion people and 500 million people got the disease.
The pandemics above should serve as a way to encourage us to remain hopeful that this current pandemic too will pass.At least,with this pandemic,mortality rate is higher among the elderly and individuals with other co-morbidities,the Spanish Flu of that time respected no age group.
The corona virus has been a burden since its onset and even now.Some countries of the world are on lockdown,some states in Nigeria also. Citizens have been forced to stay at home.No work for some and no school for others.We actually didn’t bargain for all these.So many people out there are starving while others are enjoying luxuries and comfort.Prices of goods and food items have gone up and the masses are struggling to survive.
Hmm…surely this won’t last long.
So far in the world,1,249,107 people have been infected,256,059 recovered and 67,999 deaths recorded.Coming down to our country Nigeria,224 people infected,27 people discharged and 5 deaths recorded.
I enjoin us all to adhere to the preventive measures by ensuring frequent hand washing and keeping social distances.
I’ll conclude by asking all of us to keep our candles of prayers lit always and remain hopeful.By God’s grace,the world would be healed completely and this would be a story to tell later.

By Happiness Titi Ocheme

National PRO 1.